Air, Sea, Land and Water
Now at The Plymouth Community Arts Council 774 Sheldon Rd. Plymouth, Michigan.
Own a part of history
All images are for purchase 125.00-900.00
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" The Industrial Movement"...past to present
June 7th- July 14th 2018

Featuring Work from Award Winning Photographers:
John Angus- Michigan, James Aubry-Ohio,Jerry Basierbe-Michigan, Arnold Berkman-Michigan, Catherine Dedecker-Michigan, Sylvia Ford-Michigan, Jim Hagan-Ohio, Jerry Hale-South Carolina, Ellen Ingram-Ohio,Charlie Mather-Ohio, Joe Pizzuto-Georgia, Gordon Rodwan-Michigan, Lance Rosol-Michigan, Maurice Sanders-Michigan, Jonathan Warren-Michigan, Karl Wertanen-Michigan, Victor Youngblood-Georgia.
About our ShowDeDeckerIngram-The Coal IndustryBasierbe-IndustryAubry-American IndustryKarl- ShippingBerkman-TransportationAngus-IndustryAubry-IndustryBasierbe-IndustryBerkman-TransportationPizzuto-IndustrySanders-IndustryYoungblood-TransportationWarren-PowerSanders-Transportation by RailHagen-Transportation by RailIngram-TransportationYoungblood-Mans need to DiscoverMather-Transportation