Sylvia Ford Photography | About

Working in traditional and experimental concepts. I use landscapes as both my center and point of departure for my photography constructions. Many of my photographs are best known as Statement Pieces. 


There is something magical that occurs when a photographer looks through the viewfinder of a camera
and starts to envision a story. It's about creating a moment that will last forever, then preserving it for tomorrow's generations. I feel the purpose of photography is to be a constant reminder of yesterday. From Landscape Photography to Wedding Photography, Sylvia captures the lasting moment.

The right picture can create a powerful emotion and with the right approach to the subject.of  I do my best to offer balance and harmony to my work.

I hope to bring diversity and by keeping an open mind  I am able to find the beauty in all that surrounds me. I find my work to be therapeutic and satisfying because it helps me connect to the world.

If I am not in the field with my camera you will find me in the digital darkroom or workshop processing my work and creating my art.


Sylvia has studied Photography under the direction of Monte Nagler, Barb and John Gerlach, Mike Moats and David Fitzsimmons, Jim Mccormac to mention a few.

 2014: Sylvia and Friend John Angus conducted photo workshops with hands on photography training.

 2014-Present: Sylvia became a photography juror-Toledo Photo Arts, Monroe Camera Club, Padzieski Gallery-Dearborn, Mi. and Lawrence Street Gallery-Ferndale, Mi.

 2015:  Official photographer for People Dancing & Dancers Ann Arbor, Mi

 2016:  Certified as a framer from APFA under the direction of Paul and Vickie Cascio.
 2017:  Educator in photography conducting solo workshops.

Creating Memories One Shutter at a Time

"We are only as great as the memories we keep"- unkown